Justin Langan


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Justin with his dog Dusty


Justin Langan

I am a 20 years old and was born in Winnipeg, MB. I then moved to the community of Swan River when I was around 5 months old. I grew up watching movies, playing hockey, making short films, acting in school plays, and joining student councils.

I have a twin brother (who is my complete opposite) a younger brother, a mom and dad, and a dog. Ever since I was young I was inspired to be an artist by my grandmother who taught me crafts every chance she could.

I am also very active in the Metis Community. I am Vice-Chair on the MMF Provincial Youth Advisory Committee and the Northwest Youth Advisory Committee. I am also a Youth Leader on the RCMP Youth Advisory Committee and the MAFC Youth Advisory Committee. Editor-In-Chief of The Cart Youth newsletter.

Right now I am working on producing, directing and shooting an Elder Interview series for the Manitoba Metis Federation. My skills include: Directing, Producing, Writing, Storytelling, Leadership, and Patience.

I one day hope to make a movie of my own someday.





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