Justin with his dog Dusty


Justin Langan

Justin is 20 years old and was born in Winnipeg, MB. He moved to the community of Swan River when he was around 5 months old. Justin grew up watching movies, playing hockey, making short films, acting in school plays, and joining student councils.

Justin has a twin brother and a younger brother, a mom and dad, and a dog. Ever since he was young he was inspired to be an artist by his grandmother who taught him to use his creativity and taught him to create art every chance she could.

Justin is very active in the Métis Community. He is Vice-Chair on the MMF Provincial Youth Advisory Committee and the Northwest Youth Advisory Committee. Justin was also a Youth Leader on the RCMP Youth Advisory Committee 2018-2019 and is on the MAFC Youth Engagement Committee. He is also Editor-In-Chief of The Cart Youth newsletter and the Northwest Youth newsletter.

Right now Justin is working on producing, directing and shooting an Elder Interview series for the Manitoba Metis Federation.

His skills include: directing, producing, writing, storytelling, and leadership.

He one day hopes to make his own movie someday.





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